Practice Datasets

Practice Datasets

You’re here to learn more. Whether you are looking to grow your data skills or to become an expert in the field, there is no better way to master something than through practice.

Practice makes perfect. Boost your skills with our supplemental practice data sets. If you enroll in a Mass Street Data School course, practice data sets are included in your curriculum. But, we also have data sets available for download to anyone who just wants to get additional, practical experience with data. All data sets have full documentation and are hosted on

You can download the dataset from here but, in order to see the documentation, you’ll need a account.

Flights Table From the nycflights13 Dataset

The nycflights13 dataset comes from the R package with the same name. This is just the flights table. You can use it in instance where you do not want to import directly to a data frame from R. Instead, it can be used to practice reading CSVs or uploaded to a big data cloud solution like Databricks.

Author: Hadley Wickham
Size: 29.62 MB

House Price Data

Housing Price Data consist of almost 1,500 records of details of house characteristics like, number of bedrooms, and square footage. There are 81 features in this dataset. Most importantly the dataset contains prices so you can use this to practice any directed data mining technique like decision trees or deep learning.

Author: Unknown
Size: 449.88 KB

Customer Signature for Churn Analysis

This dataset contains information about the customers of a telecom. While there are a number of analysis you can perform with this dataset, it does include rather or not the customer churned so, it is useful to learn how to do customer churn.

Author: Unknown
Size: 1.32MB