How To Train For A Career In Data Engineering

A high-paying job as a data engineer is within reach!

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What you’ll learn

What data engineers do on a day-to-day basis
What skills you need for the job
Various ways to train for the job without going into debt

Who this course is for

People interested in changing careers to tech
People that are specifically interested in data engineering
People interested in the field but do not have a college degree
People that are entering a new chapter in life and are wondering what to do next
Recent high school grads looking for high paying work
People considering coming out of retirement




If you’ve thought about getting a job in tech but didn’t think you had the right qualifications, think again!

In this free seminar taught by a leading data engineer, you’ll discover how you can break into one of the fastest growing and best paying fields in tech, even without a college degree or experience.

How is it possible to enter the field of data engineering - and have someone actually hire you - even if you don’t have a degree, aren’t an engineer, and have never worked with data before?

That’s exactly the question we answer in our free seminar.

This is a no-fluff, honest look at the challenges and opportunities of starting a career as a data engineer, even if you have no degree and no tech background.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and definitely not for those who aren’t willing to put in the work.

Every day, the world produces over 1 trillion gigabytes of data - enough to fill 4.4 million MacBook Pros!

Every single day.

And that number is only growing. The world is increasingly running on data. But all that data needs to be processed so that individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments can actually use it. That is where data engineers come in.

Data engineering is quickly becoming an essential job, with demand only expected to grow as more data is created and as more businesses move online. That’s why data engineering jobs are among the fastest growing jobs in the country, and why the average annual salary for data engineers is $121,000*!

Just imagine what that would look like for you. A great job, doing meaningful, challenging work, and getting paid six figures to do it!

The best part? You don’t have to spend four years at college or have years of experience to make it happen…

If you are ready to take your career - and your life - to the next level, and you’d like to be in on the action of one of today’s most exciting and fastest-growing fields, then this is your chance to find out how to build the foundation for a lifetime of success.

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*Salary data from


How To Train For A Career In Data Engineering
What Is A Data Engineer And What Do They Do?
What Are The Required Skills To Become A Data Engineer?
What Are The Options When It Comes To Training?
What Challenges Will I Face In The Job Market?
How Can Fundamentals Of Database Programming Help Me Land A Job?
How Can I Find Out More Information On This Career Field?
What Are Some Other Resources I Can Use To Learn?

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SQL Language Basics
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