SQL Crash Course for Data Engineering

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What you’ll learn

You will learn the basic SQL Statements necessary to pull data from a database.
You will learn how to read database documentation.
You will learn how to access data without the help of IT.
You will learn how SQL can be used with Python, and Apache Spark to perform common data engineering task.

Who this course is for

Anybody wanting to enter the data science career field.
Scientist and academics that do not normally interact with databases.
Practicing data scientist that do not normally interact with databases.




The problem with online learning and self-guided learning, especially in programming, is that you are often not certain exactly where to get started on your journey. But you do know that having to run to the IT department whenever you need data pulled, or need a dataset to be created, can sometimes leave you stranded.

SQL, as an easy programming language designed for interacting with relational databases, is your starting point when it comes to anything data related. The userbase of SQL is so deep that many big data technologies utilize some kind of port of SQL.

The problem with other SQL classes is that, by only covering SQL itself, they leave you hanging on your journey to data science mastery, much like when you have to rely on IT to meet your data needs.

With Mass Street Data School, that journey does not end with barebones knowledge of SQL. SMNR002: SQL Crash Course for Data Engineering is designed to quickly get you up to speed on the basics of using SQL. But this course does more than give you the SQL foundation you need to work with data.

In SMNR002, we extend your journey by teaching you some real data engineering. By demonstrating how Python and Apache Spark interact with SQL in hands-on labs, we teach you how SQL is actually used in a data engineering workflow once you have mastered the basics.

At the end of the course, you will be able to work with relational databases to pull the necessary data you need to perform complex analyses…without the assistance of IT. You will also have a good understanding of how to use SQL with common data science languages.

No other course will grant you the tools and fuel that allow you to take control of your journey. Enroll today for a real, self-sufficient path to data science excellence.


Instructor Introduction
Why You Should Take This Course
Course Overview
How To Get Help With This Course
Getting The Course Material

SQL Crash Course
Basic SQL Concepts
Basic SQL Statements

Lab One - SQL Queries
Lab Introduction
PostgreSQL Installation and Orientation
Data Retrieval
Lab Review

Lab Two - Views
Lab Introduction
Working With Views

Lab Three - Databases with Python
Lab Introduction
Lab Three Lab Prep
Accessing Databases with Python and SQL

Lab Four - SparkSQL with PySpark and Databricks
Lab Introduction
Big Data Analysis with SparkSQL and PySpark

Course Conclusion
Course Conclusion