Practical T-SQL Pocket Guide For Beginners

A simple but comprehensive introduction to T-SQL for aspiring business analytics professionals.

Practical SQL

Prerequisite Tutorials: None

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If You’re Looking for a Straightforward Guide that Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About T-SQL Programming, then Keep Reading!

Want to become a fully qualified SQL developer ASAP?

Do you want an insider scoop on everything you need to know to write SQL?

Are you looking for an incredibly streamlined resource that gives you exactly what you need to know about Transact SQL to impress your new boss?

Then you’re in luck!

Transact SQL, or T-SQL, is Microsoft’s proprietary implementation of ANSI standard SQL. It adds more power and programming functionality to ANSI SQL. And is used exclusively with the SQL Server Database Management System.

If that doesn’t make sense a lot of sense to you, worry not! That’s why we’re here!

T-SQL is, indeed, a bit complicated for any beginner. Fortunately, you now have a fighting chance of learning its inner workings in just a few days… Just like the author, data engineer, and self-taught SQL developer Bob Wakefield!

Bob started writing SQL professionally in 2001 after reading Ben Forta’s “Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes”. He LITERALLY read the book over one weekend and went to work the following Monday writing database software! And while Forta’s book was a gem for beginners, Bob crafted his book — Practical T-SQL Pocket Guide For Beginners — to be even simpler!

Gleaning valuable information from his online tutorial, Bob made T-SQL crazy easier! With his insights, beginners will:

  • Learn basic, advanced, and real-world tips and know-how all in one go!
  • Focus only on the things you need to know to make your first-day transition stress-free!

Written from an opinionated perspective, Bob’s guide is focused on business analytics with a sprinkle of humor (Boring programming guides, who? We don’t know her!).

With his “Day 1 Job-Ready” approach, you will strengthen your core competencies to impress your boss and colleagues EASILY!

Using Bob’s comprehensive, no-fluff T-SQL guide, beginners like you will:

  • Get practical solutions to real-world problems, including listing tables and columns in a SQL server database
  • Boost performance when calling a stored Proc from SSIS, reduce code, and save time with default column values
  • Learn the language basics, including basic syntax to efficiently tackle your first query and effortlessly do complex data filtering, including data filtering and sorting
  • Quickly create new columns from existing data (calculated fields) and easily display data based on conditions (case statement)
  • Absorb advanced topics like a sponge, including selecting unique values and updating data with a join
  • And so much more!

Strengthen your T-SQL Programming knowledge without breaking a sweat and build a fruitful career with “Practical T-SQL Pocket Guide For Beginners”!