Bob Wakefield

Bob Wakefield has over 18 years of experience building data systems for numerous organizations across various industries. On many occasions, he has applied his formidable knowledge to radically advance an organization’s analytic and data management capabilities. Because Bob prefers to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, he is able to provide his clients state-of- …

Chris Harvey
Data Science Department Chair

Chris Harvey has 5 years of experience in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning research. He has created and implemented dozens of Deep Learning models to tackle problems from every industry domain. He keeps up with current advances in the field of AI and is able to leverage that knowledge to create state-of-the-art models. Chris is …

Martin Zegarelli
Computer Science Department Chair

Martin Zegarelli has 8 years of software development experience. He learned software development skills in his spare time through sites much like this one while studying aerospace engineering at the University of Akron. After a few years working in aerospace and doing software projects on the side, he realized he enjoyed his side projects way …

Tyler Boss
Voice Talent

Tyler is a full time voice talent who got his start in radio in 2004. Ever since Tyler was a kid, he loved listening to sports on the radio. How the great announcers could make you feel like you were actually in attendance. After spending nearly 15 years in radio, Tyler made the leap to …